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Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in Hiring a Marquee, Wedding Tent |

What you should do to minimize risk when organising an event?

What you should do to minimize risk when organising an event?

corporate marquee hireHiring marquees for events has become commonplace – there are now wedding marquees, marquees for garden parties, marquees for corporate events and even marquees for family reunions.

As someone who is going to hire a marquee, it is very important that you take into account all safety issues. It is a mobile structure and anything can happen. Most risk is usually at the time of installation and the time of removal but that is not to say that something cannot happen in between. Here is what you should do to minimize risk.

• The first thing is to know who is responsible. If you are hiring a tent for a company event then the responsibility is upon you to keep your workers safe. If you are hiring for a private event such as a wedding then the liability lies with the marquee company. That said, anyone who hires a tent is responsible for keeping everyone around safe.

• Get a risk assessment and method statement before you hire any marquee company. The good ones will show them to you even before you ask. You should find out how these documents were produced – some unscrupulous businesses use fake documents.

Risk-Management• Ask for current copies of premiums for public liability insurance – this is in case anyone is hurt in the event of an accident. They should also have insurance for all their employees. This ensures that should they get injured while working on your tent they cannot hold you liable. Ensuring that there is insurance is probable the most important part of hiring a marquee.

• Find out who will manage the team while they are working on the site. A foreman is necessary in case you have any concerns. It also makes communication easier when you are dealing with just one person.

• If your marquee is going to be near a walkway you should find out how they intend to keep members of the public safe as they construct and deconstruct it. They ought to put a barrier that can stop any falling items.

• Observe the marquee company when they arrive on site to see how organized they are. Are they systematic? Do they organize all their items to ensure that there is no risk to anyone? If you don’t like what you see you should speak to the foreman right away and tell him your concerns.

• Find out what kind of flooring you will get. Marquees come with different kinds of floors – plastic, wood and so on. There are some floors that are slippery and that increase the risk of falls. These should be avoided. Ask them to install a non-slip floor for your event.

These tips should help you with health and safety issues when you hire a marquee.

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Posted by on Sep 5, 2015 in Tips on Marquee Wedding, Wedding Tent |

5 Tips For A Perfect Marquee Wedding

5 Tips For A Perfect Marquee Wedding

Planning a wedding can be really demanding and the idea even say frustrating at times.  Often, the demands which the pride and the groom put before them are too high and this leads to frustration and their need for everything to be perfect, they often forget that today should enjoy this wedding.

When it comes to having your wedding reception at a marquee, it can be an awesome and amazing experience.  It provides you with numerous possibilities and advantages when it comes to choosing a marquee as a venue for your wedding reception.  Here are five tips which you should fallow order to have a perfect marquee wedding.

  1. Choose The Size

869200624_930The first thing you should do of course is decide whether you would like to use a smaller marquee for your wedding reception or a bigger one.  That being said, marquees come in all shapes and sizes.  You can choose a marquee which is as small as the food stand, or as big as to receive 1000 people.

Furthermore, you can choose a marquee which is more traditional looking, or if the one which has windows, really it is up to you and your own needs and preferences.

  1. Choose The Season

wedding-seasonWhen it comes to having a wedding reception at the marquee, you should be very careful about choosing the season in which the wedding will take place.  Namely, marquees are much better to use in seasons such as spring and autumn, due to their properties.  If you are having a winter wedding, perhaps you should consider changing the venue for a restaurant or a hotel.

  1. Choose Your Location

00-choosing-wedding-venueMarquees offer you the unique possibility of being able to choose the location where the wedding reception will take place.  Basically, you can put a marquee anywhere you like.  In this way you can get you get the opportunity to have your wedding at your dream place, if there is no restaurant there.  Also, it will allow you and your guests to be as loud as you wish without having to worry about neighbors or consequences.

  1. Decorate It As You Wish

The beauty of having the marquee as your wedding reception venue is that you can decorate it as you wish.  In order to decorate a marquee for your wedding reception, you can put flowers, bows and ribbons, as well as some balloons.  In other words, you can play with the decorating your marquee, and use anything you like for decoration.

  1. Plan The Schedule

You will have to be careful with the planning, however.  If you plan to have your wedding reception in a marquee, make sure and that you plan to schedule, so that you have enough time to put up the marquee, decorate it, but the chairs and the tables in it prior to the wedding reception.  Also, after the wedding reception you will have to clean everything up in order to return the marquee.

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