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Posted by on Mar 14, 2018 in birthday party |

How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Kid That They’ll Be Proud Of

How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Kid That They’ll Be Proud Of

The last time you threw a birthday party for one of your kids all you got afterwards were complaints: “I didn’t like the food,” or, “were those my friends or yours?” or worse, “why did my party have to suck so much?”. As a parent, it can be quite hard to throw your kid a birthday party that they will be happy with – after all, what do you know about what their generation wants? Don’t despair though; with a few simple tips you can impress your child and make them look forward to their next party. Here is what you should do:

• Before you invite your friends let them invite their friends. Children change friends very fast – last year’s “in” group may have changed by the time their next birthday comes around. If you take charge of the guest list you may end up inviting the wrong people. Let your child know how many friends they are allowed to invite, and then based on their list you can come up with yours.

• Throw an age-appropriate party. What rocked your kid’s world when they were ten years old may be a huge embarrassment for them when they are turning twelve. Find out what they enjoy doing as they grow older. You may find that a kid who enjoyed a simple garden party when they were younger may prefer to spend their birthday at the movies watching the latest blockbuster now that they are teenagers, or doing something else outdoors.

• Separate different age groups – if there will be children of different ages it is important to make sure that they are in their own age groups during the party. This way the older ones will not feel like they are stuck with the younger ones and everyone will have lots more fun. If there will be very young children it is worthwhile hiring a babysitter or two.

• If another child will be having a birthday on the same day it is talk to your child about moving theirs to another day. This way the guests will not have to choose between two parties.

• Avoid competing with other parties in the neighborhood – so your neighbor threw a big bash for their child, it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. Your child will be much happier with a party that they feel is unique to them, and that they helped plan it.

Good luck and have fun!

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