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Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in Events, Hiring a Marquee, tips |

Great marquee tips and factors worth considering

Great marquee tips and factors worth considering

Days before any planned event, one gets tensed up and rushing up and down to make final touches on the arrangements tops the list of to do things. The truth is that there is always something worth changing. These changes are what makes one tense. The good news is that you do not have to struggle with the last minute changes if you had an idea as to what pertains marquee hire. Here are several tips on the most important things you need to consider when setting up Marquees.

weatherWeather: weather can be quite unpredictable. Given this fact, you should not take any chances. Choose marquees with the hardest and strongest of materials. Such a marquee is advisable especially if your venue is in some windy place or a place prone to sudden rainfall. In case of rain, constant emptying of gutters is necessary, and this is something you need to plan forehand.

opened up marqueesCooling: Majorities of people pray and hope for a sunny wedding day. Little do they ponder on the heat that comes with the sun. Questions worth asking yourself include if your marquee can open up quickly for easy ventilation. In extreme conditions, you could even consider having fans on standby.

patio heaters for eventsHeating: In some instances, it might be too cold, and the guests need some warmth. It should be a concern for those having events in winter as well as early summer where there are chilly evenings. Therefore, it is wise to have a heating plan on standby lest your guests go home before the event is over, citing cold as their reason.

lightening for marqueesLighting: Lighting ranges from candles to chandeliers hanging on the marquee roof. What most people do not seem to understand is that the lighting sets the mood for your event. Therefore, for parties, dim lighting could do just fine but not for corporate marquees where the light should be ample.

Power: Power is very crucial when it comes to running almost everything within the marquee. The sound systems need power; lighting needs power, and so does the mobile toilets. Therefore, call in an expert prior to the event to determine exactly how much power you need. Based on these calculations, you can then hire the appropriate generator. Not to forget that hiding the wiring beneath the carpet or in the ceiling of the marquee requires quite some time. Moreover, it has to get done in a way that it does not put the guests in harm’s way.

Interior: when it comes to the inside, you need to create a theme in which you will fit in decorations. Conduct the chair hire in advance and make sure you get chairs that match your theme or chair covers that blend in with your decorations. You will also need tables and other pieces of furniture. Lastly, if it is a wedding, guests need to eat, and that works best if you did catering hire.

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