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Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in Event Hire, Event Marketing |

Old School Event Marketing is the New School










Event marketing continues to play a vital role for countless clients and functions. Whether for charitable and philanthropic events to outdoor concerts, there are countless ways to market and advertise events.

While we are all aware of digital marketing, SEO, and social and mobile integration – the latest trends actually revolve around old school advertising techniques. This includes traditional banners, along with posters, fliers, and especially TV and radio spots. In fact, a recent Rotary Club event in Houston solely relied on traditional marketing to effectively attract and engage new participants. According to event manager Rose Thane, “we wanted to see if we could more visitors by simply putting the word out in traditional ways.” Apparently Rose was right – since the event drew over 140 participants for an evening of great food, beverages, and social interaction.

Why Go Back to the Past?

With the advent of social media, countless event managers simply rely on Facebook and Twitter to generate a buzz about their events. In fact, social and mobile marketing is simply the best way to advertise all types of private and public functions. According to some event managers, however, the market has become incredibly saturated with event pages, Tweets, posts, and the usual Instagram and Pinterest uploads. These managers also believe that a return to traditional based marketing allows non-computer users to access information about upcoming events in their neighborhoods and towns. These individuals do not have to worry about social media posts, since traditional fliers and community bulletin board posts are always available.

Types of Traditional Marketing

The old school marketing trend is a break from the usual digital and online advertising techniques. For the new kids on the block, however, many do not realize that at one time – traditional advertising was the only form of marketing available. With retro at an all time high – many events are revolving around vintage or “yesteryear” marketing. This includes:

· Posters – fliers – brochures – pamphlets – leaflets – newsletters.

· Traditional business cards – advertising collateral – hard copies – marketing materials.

· TV/Radio spots – company bulletin board posts – commercials.

· Word of mouth – call lists – advertising in papers, community magazines, and weekly circulars.

While these forms of event marketing may be a thing of the past – they still have a place in today’s SEO and digital dominated market. Event function organizers are also seeing the financial benefits of using certain types of vintage marketing. In fact, this trend is growing worldwide – and seems to be the preferred choice for marketers that are not proficient with today’s burgeoning technologies. While this topic continues to be debated by traditional advertisers and SEO experts, the choice is simply yours to make. When it comes to social media or search engine marketing, there is little to no overhead assess. Similarly, creating fliers or vibrant posters is not that expensive, and helps folks rediscover their creativity and artistic skills.

With traditional marketing seeing a strong resurgence across the globe, could this be a sign of things to come? Have we finally hit the maximum in terms of digital and contemporary marketing on the Web? There are no concrete answers to these questions – but if the current trend continues – we could be seeing a return to traditional event marketing across the board.